about us.

We are 4 freckled sisters who love to be in the kitchen.  We have quite the range of personalities, looks and ages.  Although we all "bake under the same sun" in Utah, we are still a couple hundred miles from each other. Sun*kissed Bistro is one way for us to be able to keep the connection of sisterhood while we are living our own lives.  We believe the best time to bond is through our cooking and sharing of recipes.  We are no where near professionals but we love to have fun.

Ashley is 22 and the oldest of the sisters. She has been married for two years to the love of her life.  They currently live in Logan, Utah.  Ashley works at an OBGYN office and loves being a secretary (that was her dream job since she was little-she loved the sound of the clicking acrylic nails on the keyboard:) ) She studies community health and loves every aspect of it.  She is the "go to" sister, we are always asking her for advice.  She loves to sing, spend time with her puppy, blog, and try any kind of recipe she thinks sounds appealing. She always was a good cook growing up, but her expertise was discovered this summer-and there is no stopping her now!

Brooke is 20 and is a junior at Southern Utah University in Cedar City, Utah.  She is studying nutrition and minoring in exercise science.  She loves being healthy and running.  Ironically she has the biggest sweet tooth of us all-She loves to bake and if she had the time and money {and people to bake for} she would bake the rest of her life away. Brooke is the life of the party in our family, and always makes sure that everyone is included in the fun! She loves to play the harp, any DIY project, and ice cream!

Lindsay is 13 and an 8th grader.  She lives in  Lindon, Utah.  She is a fireball and a friend to absolutely everyone.  She loves to be active and tries any sport that comes her way!  Her favorites include Soccer, Swimming, and Clogging.  When she has time she is found in the kitchen making some sort of concoction-her homemade bread is to DIE for! She is allergic to chocolate and nuts, therefore we always have a solution so she too can indulge herself! She loves being social, doing anything crafty, and of course Justin Bieber!

Rachel is 10 and a 4th grader. She also lives in Lindon, Utah.  She is shy and sweet-until you get her on the soccer field where she is athletic and competitive.  The sun loves her the very most giving her the darkest, most beautiful skin.  She loves playing the piano, swimming and playing soccer.  She loves sports and being active.  She loves to help in the kitchen and is quite the baker her self.  She and Lindsay are quite the team!